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Need a repair?  We can fix most wheels/rims!




Mornings by appointment.

Question:  Do I need to make an appointment to have my wheel repaired?
Answer:  No, you can come by our location any time during our business hours to have one of our technicians inspect your wheel.
You can also text a picture of the wheel damage to (440) 479-4551.

Question:  If I leave just the wheel, does the tire need to be taken off beforehand?
Answer:  No, we have all the necessary equipment to remove your tires, put them back on and balance them for you.

Question:  How long does it take to fix a wheel?
Answer:  Normally we have a next day turnaround, meaning you can drop it off one day and pick it up the next.

Question:  My damaged wheel is still on my car, can you remove it for me?
Answer:  Yes, we can remove your damaged wheel from the car and install your spare for you. When the wheel is finished we can put it back on the car and put your spare away for you.

Question:  Can you repair my custom wheel?
Answer:  Yes, we can repair any aluminum wheel, original equipment or custom wheels.

Question:  I have a bent chrome wheel. Can this be repaired?
Answer: We can repair chrome wheels as well. If the damage is on the front of the wheel, there is a pretty good chance the wheel will need to be re-chromed after the repair is done. We can also have your wheel re-chromed at an extra charge.

Question:  I have a cracked wheel, can it be repaired?
Answer:  Most of the time a cracked wheel can be repaired, but it is depends on where the crack is located and how large it is. We recommend you bring the wheel into our location and have one of our technicians inspect it.

Question:  My tire store said my wheel is bent and cracked in the bend, can this be repaired?
Answer:  A rim with a crack and bend can be repaired, we will first fix the bend in the wheel, then repair the crack so that it performs and looks like new again.

Question:  I hit a pothole and now my steering wheel vibrates. Could my wheel be damaged?
Answer:  Pot holes can cause severe damage to your wheels and suspension. The damage is not always visible, so it is best to let one of our technicians inspect your wheel for you. 

Question:  Do you fix steel wheels?
Answer:  In some cases we can but, normally it is not cost effective to repair steel wheels. You should contact your local branch for more details.

Question:  Can you fix 24” wheels?
Answer:  We can fix any alloy wheel up to 26” in diameter.

Question:  When I bent my wheel, I also had a tire go flat. Can you replace my tire as well?
Answer:  We carry over 8,000 used tires in stock, and have access to millions of name brand tires with deliveries three times a day.   Our sales team can quote price and availability for you when you drop off your wheel.